Tuesday, June 13, 2006

1988 Ford Toter-home
You can all relax now. I did come back. After flying out of Oklahoma City to Greensboro, N.C. and getting all the business transacted on my new(USED) Ford, I headed south and then turned right and put my nose on the center line of I 40 and was west bound and down. I was going to count the strips on the highway but lost count about 3 times every mile. I ran out of fingers and toes real quick. 24 hours later I rolled into the house. It was a great trip but wore me out.

I had gone out and purchased a Toter Home to help get my junk to the trails and attempt to do it in style. You know, I am a pretty stylish person. I feel like the Lord was in every aspect of the transaction. The rig was listed on EBay and didn't sell. I contacted the owner afterwards and worked out a deal. When giving a description so he would recognize me at the airport I told him, "Look for the tall slender gentleman that looks to be in his early 30's and is very good looking" . "I will also be wearing a yellow Ramsey Winch hat". He recognized me right away. I know it wasn't the yellow hat. I asked him what he would be wearing. He said a black hat that says "NITRO MINISTRIES" on it. Turns out that he and his 3 sons race a FUNNY CAR in the drags. He in turn uses it to witness to folks that he meets at the race track. "COOL". As you can imagine this set off a lengthy conversation for about half an hour and then commenced again once I landed at the airport.

We had a great visit as we compared our lives similarity. Motor Sports, 3 sons, family activities, Christ, and now our common interest in this Toter Home.

The Lord blessed me with a good trip home even though it was a fast one. I did have time to meet up with my Dad who was at Beebe, Arkansas at a sale and spent about an hour with him.

I can hardly wait to load her up with the Jeeps and head for the hills. I will be turning Matt (middle son) loose on it with his graphic abilities and see what he comes up with for us. It will be used to fly our flag, promote Christ and C4X4.

Until later, See ya on the Super Slab.


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